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Our clientele includes enterprises from various EU member states, as well as overseas. Our translator and interpreter partners also have a diverse background.

We have an audited ISO 9001 Quality Management System in place ensuring that we continuously provide services of high and internationally recognised quality.

We have adopted the Greenwill pledge for environmental protection. We are pro bono supporters of UNICEF, and host students through the Erasmus Plus programme.

Our clientele includes enterprises from various EU member states, as well as overseas.

We have an audited ISO 9001 Quality Management System in place.



TrM Translations provides translation services in numerous languages and subject matters quickly and flexibly. Learn more...


We provide interpreting services for business events, courts and legal discussions, as well as social functions, even via Skype. Learn more...

Equipment for interpreting

In Hungary we also provide interpreting equipment, including booths and headset systems, all with technical supervision. Learn more...

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

We can prepare a print-ready version of your document corresponding to the look of the version in the original language. Learn more...

Terminology management

A terminology list ensures consistent use of terms in your documents (e.g. positions, product names and corporate jargon) Learn more...


Beyong reflecting your message, a transcreated text conforms to the expectations and mindset of the target audience. Learn more...

SEO translation and transcreation

Working with your SEO experts, we incorporate their recommendations in the translations to reflect the considerations of local SEO. Learn more...


A third expert, whose mother tongue is the target language, reviews the edited translation so that it reads better for the target audience. Learn more...

Prepress proofreading

For materials going to press, we carry out the final check of the edited and proofread translations as part of the DTP process. Learn more...

Text processing with custom programming

With larger texts and texts in special formats (e.g. non-standard XML or special data structures) programming enables translation. Learn more...

Software localisation

We can translate websites, applications and other software in many formats (XML, HTML, .po, XLIFF, and key-value pairs, etc.). Learn more...

Interpretation via telephone

Our interpreters can assist your teleconferences and remote meetings via telephone or Skype, incurring no travelling costs. Learn more...

Reverse translation

As a quality assurance method, we translate the already translated text into the original language and compare it to the original source. Learn more...

Transcriptions and subtitling

For video and audio, we transcribe the content of your audio material, translate it, and then create properly timed subtitles. Learn more...


MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing) is Professional Machine Translation with Human Review. Learn more...


Agriculture and food industry

Clients include Kotányi and Nestlé. Examples of subject matters are animal husbandry, contracts, crops, dairy industry, documents for export and import, food safety, hygiene, industry-specific laws, meat industry and packaging

Banking and finance

Clients include Aegon, Intesa Sanpaolo, Takarékbank, Teletrade DJ and Uniqa. Examples of subject matters are accounting, annual reports, audit, balance sheets, compliance, FOREX, insurance, investments, stock markets and tax

Chemical industry

Clients include Fujifilm, Nagase and Peakston. Examples of subject matters are cosmetics, fertilizers, paints, paper manufacturing, pesticides, petroleum industry, pharmacy, plastics, rubbers and tyres


Clients include Frühwald and Hopferwieser. Examples of subject matters are architecture, building, building materials, HVAC, machinery, OHS, permits, railway construction, road construction and structures

Energy industry

Clients include AES Power, CG Electric and GEA EGI. Examples of subject matters are contracts, environmental protection, machinery, nuclear technology, oil industry, patents, power plants, power supply and power trading

Health and medical science

Clients include Association of Ambulatory Surgery and Saint James Hospitals. Examples of subject matters are expert opinions, life sciences, medical science, OSH, pharmaceutics, publications and press releases, reports and veterinary science


Clients include Accor Hotels and Subway Sandwiches. Examples of subject matters are ads and presentations, employment, high cuisine, hotel chains and motels, recipes, tour guides, tourism and tour operators


Clients include Autodesk and Konicaminolta. Examples of subject matters are blockchain, cloud computing, cyber security, hardware, IT policies, localization, SLA, software, virtualisation and web shops


Clients include corporate legal departments, courts and multiple legal firms. Examples of subject matters are agreements and contracts, civil law, court materials, EU materials, GDPR and privacy, laws and regulations, resolutions and taxation

Logistics and transport

Clients include Bridgestone-Firestone, Honda and Malév Hungarian Airlines. Examples of subject matters are air transport, forwarding, inventory management, railway transportation, road transport, traffic management, trucks and warehousing

Mechanical engineering

Clients include Webasto and Würth. Examples of subject matters are machine components, machinery, manufacturing, mechatronics, railways, robotics and automation, tooling, user guides and technical manuals and vehicles


Clients include JC Decaux, RTL Klub and Walt Disney. Examples of subject matters are articles, media law, outdoor media, PR and press releases, subtitles, synopses, texts for dubbing, transcription, TV and websites


Clients include Office Depot, Rossmann, Royal Canin and Triumph. Examples of subject matters are contracts, internal instructions and policies, laws, permits, product descriptions, supplier agreements, warranties and guarantees and web shops

... and many more

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