Professional Bulgarian translation

Bulgarian translation for finance, engineering, law, and business

Relying on our two decades of experience, we deliver Bulgarian-English, Bulgarian-German, Bulgarian-French, Bulgarian-Spanish, Bulgarian-Portuguese, Bulgarian-Czech, Bulgarian-Polish, Bulgarian-Hungarian translations in a diverse range of subjects, providing fully human and expertly reviewed machine translation services. Complemented by comprehensive solutions like OCR and DTP, our translation agency even provides same-day turnarounds.

20 years of experience

Excellent references in 12 sectors

We have experience of about two decades working with companies of all sizes up to blue-chip corporations. This has given us experience and ability to tailor the Bulgarian translation service you receive to your unique needs and preferences. We are committed to providing excellent customer service to you, working closely with your team to help achieve your business goals.

With full GDPR compliance

We are GDPR compliant and operate within the EU. There is no need for you to worry about data export restrictions related to any personal data included in the documents you submit to our translation agency.

Confidentiality from the start

We understand the importance of confidentiality and secure collaboration. Our commitment to confidentiality is reassured every step along the way from an NDA already embedded in our General Terms and Conditions, the confidentiality agreements we have in place both with the Bulgarian translators we work with and our in-house team, not to mention our state-of-the-art IT system. Your own NDAs can also be used if you see fit.

Quick and convenient

With same-day turnaround if needed

We understand that you want to devote as much time to developing your content as possible. We also know that sometimes there is a very urgent need to see the text in Bulgarian (or your Bulgarian text in another language). This is why our translation agency is at your service with very quick turnarounds, including project completions on the day the order is placed or even within hours.

Quality assurance in 3 stages

We offer several levels of quality assurance to meet your needs and budget. The professional Bulgarian translation completed by our expert translators can also be edited, meaning a detailed review by a second linguist as recommended by international standards such as ISO17100 and industry best practices. You can also opt for fully-fledged TEP services (translation, editing, and proofreading). This takes the edited text to a next level by involving a third linguist.

Comprehensive services from OCR to DTP

Our services go way beyond professional human and expertly reviewed machine translation. Our translation agency can handle your project even if you only have a badly scanned PDF available. We can also utilise your already existing texts and build on your existing terminology, and translate a broad range of file formats including .DWG, .IDML, .XLIFF, and .XLM. We can wrap up the project with desktop publishing services to ensure that the end result looks as beautiful as intended even when the length of the translated text otherwise would not fit into the original layout.

And more...

Documented quality management

Our ISO 9001 quality management system, covering all our translation and interpreting projects, is audited by SGS. The quality management system has been in place at our translation agency since 2010.

From an EU time zone

While all our services are provided around the clock, our main business hours are aligned with those of EU companies. This enables quick response times for you and your team, contributing to smooth project execution.

With an environmental policy in place

In today's business landscape, environmental responsibility matters. Choosing partners with green policies is not just about talk; it's a way to make an impact. Working with TrM Translations you and your stakeholders can rely on a partner committed to eco-friendly practices.

Estimate the costs and get a quote

For multiple/other languages and additional services, please request a quote.

The prices indicated in our calculator exclude the VAT and are guideline figures. They may change depending on the actual document, and thus do not constitute a binding offer. For a precise quote reflecting discounts and also indicating deadlines please send us the documents to be translated:

The materials to be translated personal data. See also our General terms and conditions.
I have read, understand, and accept the contents of TrM Translations' privacy notice accessible here   *

The materials to be translated personal data. See also our General terms and conditions.
I have read, understand, and accept the contents of TrM Translations' privacy notice accessible here   *