Certified translations & attestations

In the case of certified translations an authorised organisation or person prepares the translation of the original document or its copy, then affixes to it an attestation clause (certificate), also attaching the source text. Our certificates are always prepared in two languages, i.e. in Hungarian and in the language of the translation.

Certified translations to be used in countries other than Hungary: the authenticated official translations provided by TrM Translations are widely accepted internationally, for example in the case of employment, learning abroad, and marriage, etc.

The Hungarian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries (MOKK) officially registered our agency, and provides legalisation (apostilles) for our English translations in compliance with relevant legislation. For other languages we offer our authenticated translations.

Certified translations to be used within Hungary: the translators involved in your project are certified to prepare certified (attested) translations in accordance with the provisions set forth in relevant legislation.

Experience shows that in most cases the authenticated translations of documents to be used within Hungary prepared and certified by our office are readily accepted!

In some cases, as a result of legal provisions, only the state-owned translation agency (Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd., also called OFFI) is certified to provide attestation. These attested translations are significantly different from our authenticated translations in terms of costs and time; therefore it is recommended to always ask the concerned authority in advance about the type of authentication requested.

Attested translations of certificates of incorporation for the Hungarian courts of registry are provided in accordance with Decree No. 24/1986 (26 June) of the Council of Ministers on Specialised Translation and Interpreting. In accordance with Hungarian law (Decree No. 24/1986 (26 June) of the Council of Ministers) qualified specialised translators are certified to prepare the attested translations of certificates of incorporation, as well as attested translations of data and company documents to be registered in the company registry, into any official language of the European Union as chosen by the company.

Translations of civil procedure documents are provided in compliance with the provisions of Act CXXX of 2016 on the Code of Civil Procedure. If during civil procedures initiated after 1 January 2018 a translation is requested, it is not necessary to have attested translations prepared (unless there is any doubt concerning the correctness or the completeness of the translation, or it is otherwise specified under Hungarian law, binding European Union regulations and international conventions).

In the case of responsible translations, usually required for public procurement procedures, our translation agency provides an official statement declaring that the translation corresponds with the original text in every aspect.