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The Chinese language

Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world with more than 900 million native speakers, and, right after English, it is the second most spoken one when including the second language speakers (more than 1.1 billion people altogether). Alongside Standard Chinese, in China there are many different dialects used every day by the population: the Beijing dialect is the one on which spoken Chinese is based. The language belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family.

The written form of Chinese is composed of the so-called Chinese characters. These are divided into Simplified and Traditional forms. Their origin is very ancient, going back to the 16th century BC, and the writing system is now composed of almost 40,000 logographic symbols, which are good for nearly every dialect. Every character represents one syllable or concept, rather than a single sound or letter, unlike the alphabets of most other languages. On the other hand, in the oral form Chinese changes a lot according to the area where it is spoken, and people from different regions sometimes struggle to understand each other. The main particularity of spoken Chinese is the presence of four tones: flat, rising, falling, and rising and falling. You must be very careful when you pronounce a word because the meaning changes depending on the tone!

Chinese has influenced other languages, such as Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean, but it has never shown many foreign effects on itself. In recent years the presence of English has been more visible in China: restaurant, banks, hotels and airlines adopted the language as a means of communication. And many people there can now speak it very well!

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