Reliable Croatian translation

Translation services

Our agency provides translation services in numerous languages and subject matters quickly and flexibly.

We can handle your translation tasks, among others, in the following language pairs: English-Hungarian, Hungarian-English, German-Hungarian, Hungarian-German, Russian-Hungarian, Hungarian-Russian, French-Hungarian, Hungarian-French, Italian-Hungarian, Hungarian-Italian, Spanish-Hungarian, and Hungarian-Spanish, plus Romanian, Japanese and Chinese, and you can also turn to us with special requests.

As for the subject matters covered, we are ready to handle technical, legal, business, IT and financial translations, as well as a wide range of other translation and revision tasks.

Certified translations

Our translation agency and the translators we work with can prepare your certified translations in accordance with legal regulations. These documents have been accepted by a large number of official bodies all over the world. In specific cases apostilles can also be arranged. Learn more about our certified translations.

Rely on our Croatian expertise

Proven Croatian linguists

We handle a wide variety of projects with quick turnarouds because we cooperate with pre-vetted and highly experienced Croatian translators on a contractual basis.

Excellent Croatian references

Our clientele includes enterprises from various EU member states, as well as overseas

A wide range of subjects covered

We are ready to handle technical, legal, business, IT and financial translations to and from Croatian, as well as a wide range of other translation and revision tasks.

Convenience that can benefit you

Customer services that focuses on you

We have experience of about two decades working with companies of all sizes up to blue-chip corporations. This has given us experience and ability to tailor your Croatian translations to your unique needs and preferences. We are comitted to providing excellent customer service to you, working closely with your team to achieve your Croatian language goals.

Compliance wit the GDPR

We are based in the EU and therefore you will not need to worry about the complications of data exports.

We charge 0% VAT in most cases

In case your business is registered in the EU and eligible for reverse charge, your Croatian translation and interpreting will be invoiced with a 0% VAT added to the invoice, helping your cash-flow. Businesses outside of the EU are also invoiced with a 0% VAT, since the services are provided online.

Quality and costs under your control

Documented ISO9001 quality

Our ISO 9001 quality management system, covering all our Croatian translation and Croatian interpreting projects, is audited by SGS. The system has been in place since 2010.

Quality assurance as you need

You can easily decide if you want to save costs, by keeping quality reviews in house, or order a fully-fledged translation with editing or even with editing and proofreading.

And an alternative: edited machine translation

If you want a high-level overview of a certain text, or need to efficiently translate high volumes of rapidly changing content for webshops or other purposes, MTPE (machine translation with post-editing) can be an alternative.

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