Desktop Publishing (DTP) and prepress services

In the case of materials to be published, once the translation is completed, our DTP expert turns the publication into a print-ready document that looks just like the original. This work needs to consider the fact that the length of texts is likely to change during translation, which results in the need to amend the graphical layout.

To ensure that you benefit from an effective service, we need the following:

the editable version of the original material (in the case of InDesign files, the InDesign package file with the font types, .idml files, and images)

final sizes of the brochure/catalogue: front cover, back cover, spine size. The spine size depends on the number of pages and paper thickness and can be calculated by your print shop.

the print settings.

In case you do not have a pre-existing design to rely on, we can also provide comprehensive graphic design services for your publications.

We prepare custom quotes in each case.

This service is available in every language in which we provide edited translations.

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