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Our agency provides translation services in numerous languages and subject matters quickly and flexibly. We are able to handle a wide variety of projects with quick turnarouds because we cooperate with more than 100 highly experienced translators on a contractual basis.

As for the subject matters covered, we are ready to handle technical, legal, business, IT and financial translations, as well as a wide range of other translation and revision tasks.

The English language

The birth and development of the English language can be divided into three different phases: the first is Old English, the greatest ancestor of the language that today most people can speak. During the 5th century, Germanic tribes started to settle on some British islands, bringing the influence of the German language. The second phase is Middle English, when the Viking invasion, the conquests of Norsemen in 1066 and Latin as the language of religion contributed to the change of some English sounds. Modern English is the third and last phase of this evolution, from the beginning of the 16th century. It is considered the “big transformation” of the language thanks to the invention of printing and new technologies to communicate. From that moment on, grammar, vocabulary and sounds became part of a standardisation process.

As we all know, English is the most studied and spoken language of the world: in 2019 more than 1 billion people could speak it as their mother tongue or second language. Due to its huge diffusion among continents, it is the official language of many countries, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Canada, the United States of America, Belize and Jamaica. Nowadays scientific and technological terminology is mostly in English even in countries that do not have this language as official or national. In the trade commerce among industries English is still the most significant language. But why? The reason is connected to the importance of England as a world power around the 16-17th century. New inventions and discoveries, as well as the contribution of William Shakespeare to English literature, were the most relevant factors that helped the English linguistic evolution.

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