Interpretation via telephone

Interpretation via telephone

Our interpreters can assist you quickly via telephone, incurring no travel costs.

Although the adequately prepared interpreter must be booked in advance also in the case of interpretations via telephone, these works are less time-consuming. The interpreters do not have to travel to the location of interpretation, they do not need to be shown around, and of course the business partners relying on the interpreter do not need to meet in person, either.

Interpretation via telephone may be a perfect choice for arranging official or bank-related matters and inquiries; foreign market research may also be conducted using this service, which is suitable even for cold calling.

If you need a more personal contact with your partners beyond the telephone call, we are more than happy to provide you with highly qualified interpreters, even if it involves international travel (e.g. our interpreters have already travelled to Transylvania, Germany and Egypt). When conferences are organised, we can provide the necessary interpreting equipment as well.

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