Interpreting services

Interpreting services

We provide interpreting services in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Slovakian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and in other languages, also via telephone and/or with travel.

The subject matters and areas we cover include:

business and finance (conferences, business meetings and negotiations, exhibitions, fairs)

technology and engineering (factory/plant inspections, procurement, negotiations, constructions)

IT interpreting (system implementations, trainings)

legal interpreting (courts, lawsuits, notary public, administrative procedures)

interpreting for special purposes (wedding ceremonies, entertainment events, support to hosts of shows)

Consecutive interpreting

In the case of consecutive interpreting, the speaker pauses after short segments to give the interpreter time to interpret the speech to the audience (i.e. the interpretation is performed after the speech). A special form of consecutive interpreting is called liaison interpreting, which is primarily used during business negotiations, meetings, official visits and gatherings where the interpreter needs to mediate back and forth between a small number of participants (e.g. business partners).

Simultaneous and conference interpreting

Without doubt, simultaneous interpreting is a special type of interpreting requiring the most thorough professional preparedness. During simultaneous interpreting, interpreters (usually two persons taking turns every 15-20 minutes) listen to the text to be interpreted through headsets while sitting in a booth designated for this purpose, and simultaneously interpret into a microphone; as a result, interpreting is performed practically in real time. The audience can listen to the target text through special headsets. The advantage of this method is that the spoken text may be interpreted into even 5-6 languages at the same time. This form of interpreting is typically used in international professional conferences and events.

A subtype of simultaneous interpreting is called chuchotage or whispering interpreting when a small audience involving one to six persons needs interpretation; the interpreter whispers the translation of the spoken text into their ears while sitting directly next to them.

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