Professional Machine Translation with Human Review

Post-edited Machine Translation, MTPE for short, is a faster and cheaper way to translate large volumes of texts that do not carry significant consequences, at a quality that your readers can understand. Examples of such texts are the press coverage of general subjects, mass-generated online posts, and online reviews.

These translations are prepared in two steps. First, the text is pre-translated using professional machine translation. The output achieved this way is reviewed and touched up in a simplified manner by a human post-editor. Our samples (currently: Hungarian to English) provide an insight into the overall quality of materials created this way.

If, once receiving your completed MTPE project, you feel that the achieved quality does not meet the requirements of your purpose yet, we can further elevate the translation quality to the level of human translation. In that case, the price of the MPTE service counts towards the complete price of the human translation service.

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