Prepress proofreading

For materials going to press, we carry out the final check of the edited and proofread translations. This is a vital step in the DTP process.

During the editing phase that follows the translation, the translated text is compared with the original text sentence by sentence. This ensures that the translation is accurate and does not contain any mistakes. The subsequent proofreading comprises the check and improvement of the target-language text. A third linguist, working closely with the translator and the bilingual editor, reads the document recommending additional changes regarding style and fluency.

When it comes to printing, prepress proofreading provides the needed extra safety, considering that printing costs can be substantial, not to mention the fact that published materials (books, posters, brochures, or manuals) will be seen by many for a long time. Our fourth expert, the prepress proofreader, checks the document, also verifying upon request that every piece of translated text is placed to its appropriate location within the graphic design assembled during the DTP process.

The service is available as a supplement to the DTP service, in conjunction with the translation, editing and proofreading services. Ask for our quote!

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