SEO translation and transcreation

In close cooperation with your search engine optimisation (SEO) experts, we incorporate their suggestions and recommendations in the translations. This ensures that each version in each language makes use of appropriate target keywords and reflects the considerations of search engine optimisation for the relevant region.

While the content of a website is faithfully reflected by its professional translation, the keywords you would like to emphasise (or the keywords that are worth emphasising) may vary from country to country. This is driven by market characteristics, your local marketing strategy, and the insights of SEO, i.e. search engine optimisation.

There are three contributors in these projects: the author writing the original text, the expert working on search engine optimisation for a given language or country, and the translator preparing the copy in that language. Depending on the considerations of search engines, it may be more beneficial to use the phrase, let’s say, “SEO” instead of “search engine optimisation” in the given language, and the translator is able to adjust the text accordingly. The requests of the SEO expert may cover terminology, the frequency of certain words, or the words that need to be included in each heading. The ideal solution varies language by language and country by country even when the key message of the text remains unchanged.

Of course, we can also support your work in case of online advertising, including AdWords.

It is important to emphasize that Google penalises the use of machine translation when raking the foreign-language versions of websites. Therefore, it is worth having foreign-language versions translated by human experts.

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