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The Serbian language

The only example of a current synchronic digraphia among European countries is Serbian, which uses both the Latin and the Cyrillic alphabets: while for official purposes Cyrillic is used, everyone might encounter documents written using either of the two alphabets.

Serbian is a South Slavic language, part of the Indo-European family – the language developed from Old Slavonic. About 10 million people speak Serbian as their mother tongue or second language; the language differs from Croatian in terms of verb tenses, the grammatical structure of sentences and due to the Cyrillic alphabet. The Serbian language is official in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo. It is recognised as a minority language in Croatia, Montenegro, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania and the Czech Republic. It is interesting to note that Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian speakers can understand each other while having a conversation simultaneously in the three languages: words and grammar are very similar, and the languages are mutually intelligible.

As to the country, Serbia is bordered by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. While it is still not part of the European Union, it is negotiating with the EU to join.

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