Transcription and subtitling

We transcribe the content of your audio material, translate it, and create properly timed subtitles.

As a first step, we prepare the transcription of your materials, such as corporate training videos, marketing videos, and case study recordings. This work phrase results in a text file containing the transcribed, i.e. written down speech. At request, speakers can also be distinguished and the starting and ending times can be indicated.

The finished transcription then can be translated so that a subtitle of a different language can be attached to the video. In such cases it is often desirable and requested that the length of each completed subtitle segment, measured by the number of letters, shall not be more than that of the original (source) text. This is to ensure that the subtitle can fit on the screen and the audience has enough time to read it.

The finished text may be converted into an .srt file or a subtitle file of any other format for the applicable finalising works.

Of course, each process may be carried out independently. In many cases it is enough to prepare the transcription and there is no need for translation, while in other cases the transcription is already available as part of the video material.