Terminology management

Terminology management

We can compile a terminology list from the text pairs you provide. As a result, our translations will reflect your own use of the relevant words and expressions, ensuring the consistent use of terms throughout your documents. This helps the translation of slogans, positions, product names, corporate jargon, etc.

To maintain a unified corporate image, it is essential that partners, such as customers and prospective employees, encounter the same expressions in every step of their interaction with your company. Fail to do this, and your entire corporate image may be compromised, the effect of the marketing campaigns may be jeopardized, or business deals may fall through.

Terminology lists may be created based on previously translated text pairs, texts being translated right now, and of course translations that need for which arises in the future. Naturally, we consult you on the completed terminology lists (bilingual glossaries), so you can make the final decisions regarding each item. Our special software, called Computer Aided Translation, enable us to use the thus agreed terminology for upcoming translations.

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