Custom programming for text processing

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We have been providing reliable linguistic services to companies since 2004. We work together with around 150 linguists on a regular basis tranlating between a large number of languages and in subject matters quickly and flexibly.

To ensure the excellent quality of our linguistic services, TrM Translations has an ISO9001 quality management system in place introduced in 2010 and audited by SGS.

Custom programming for text processing

In the case of larger texts and texts available only in unique formats (such as non-standard XML, varied code pages, special data structures, etc.) we can carry out special analyses and modifications using custom computer programming. As the outcome of this process, any possible IT roadblocks hindering the translation works can be eliminated, while you can also benefit from reduced costs.

In case of strings for software localization, as well as inventory lists of web shops or regular stores, item numbers can often become extremely large, totalling up to several million entries. In such cases, conventional software tools cannot always cope with the task. Pre-screening and preliminary conversion of the source text are necessary, but these tasks are also difficult to accomplish using generally available tools, such as Excel.

The structure of XML files may be inconsistent or defective at some points; code pages may differ from file to file; there may be several thousand files in several hundred subdirectories.

In such cases, we can convert your texts using a custom-made program tailored to your material, often providing your company with substantial savings.

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For the IT expertise required for these sollutions, we heavily rely on the IT team of Business Support Services, our sister business.

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