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Why choose us?

We have been providing reliable linguistic services to companies since 2004. We work together with around 150 linguists on a regular basis tranlating between a large number of languages and in subject matters quickly and flexibly.

To ensure the excellent quality of our linguistic services, TrM Translations has an ISO9001 quality management system in place introduced in 2010 and audited by SGS.

Translation services

Our agency provides translation services in numerous languages and subject matters quickly and flexibly.

We can handle your translation tasks, among others, in the following language pairs: English-Hungarian, Hungarian-English, German-Hungarian, Hungarian-German, Russian-Hungarian, Hungarian-Russian, French-Hungarian, Hungarian-French, Italian-Hungarian, Hungarian-Italian, Spanish-Hungarian, and Hungarian-Spanish, plus Romanian, Japanese and Chinese, and you can also turn to us with special requests.

As for the subject matters covered, we are ready to handle technical, legal, business, IT and financial translations, as well as a wide range of other translation and revision tasks.

Certified translations

Our translation agency and the translators we work with can prepare your certified translations in accordance with legal regulations. These documents have been accepted by a large number of official bodies all over the world. In specific cases apostilles can also be arranged. Learn more about our certified translations.

How is my text translated?

We are able to handle a wide variety of projects with quick turnarouds because we cooperate with more than 100 highly experienced translators on a contractual basis. When translating your document, the following work phases contribute to the deadline:

it takes time to prepare the texts, for example:

to perform character recognition and conversion of PDF files into editable format

to analyse any previous translations so that you can save costs thanks to repeated texts

to prepare your unique terminology (a vocabulary unique to your case) to be used with the source text

It also takes time to finalise the completed translations:

to check the work

to revise sentence-by-sentence as requested

unification: a highly experienced translator handles 10 to 15 pages per day. In the case of larger quantities or shorter deadlines, it is increasingly necessary to involve multiple translators and thus to unify the text

to update the layout (the lengths of the source and the target texts are usually different due to the different languages)

to format the text, especially if InDesign or other special software are used

to issue the authentication at request

to allow time for the courier or the postal service, if an electronic copy is not sufficient

How much does it cost?

We can provide you with a precise quote based on the details of the task at hand. Please get in touch with us in order to start the quoting process.

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