Software localisation

Software localisation

We can prepare translations of your websites, applications and other software in many file formats (XML, HTML, .po, XLIFF, key-value pairs, etc.).

Software texts (strings) are often not just static texts. They may contain parameters to be replaced with actual values by the software once it is online. In such cases, it is also important to make sure that – beyond the correct translation – the text always provides positive user experience, irrespective of the parameter values. Examples include plurals or articles that depend on linguistic gender.

During the quality control phase of software localisation, it is essential to check whether the completed translation can be seamlessly loaded into the software (including the correctness of XML syntax and the appropriateness of code pages). Texts must also be checked once loaded into the software platform, reviewing them within their actual context.

In case of software localisation, it is of utmost importance to properly document the materials before they are sent off for translation. The translator must be able to decide what each word refers to in the completed program (e.g. the word from may refer to a sender or a starting date).

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